PMS Polyethylene Products San.Tic.Ltd.Şti was established. Brine tanks (olive, wine, molasses, olive oil, sunflower seed oil, juices, milk, etc), textile carts, traction buckets were the main production.

100 different models of carts and 20 different models of thread, traction bucket and bobin box were designed for the textile industry.

England origin of computer controlled 4500 mm Clam Shell Rotation machine was put into use. Transferred to the facilities in Kemalpaşa Ulucak, founded on 3000 m2 of indoor, 6000 m2 of total area.

With the - www.pms.com.tr domain name, our first website was online; one of the first established 100 sites in Turkey.

- TSEK (Compliance with Turkish Standards) was obtained.

- Germany origin BlowMolding machine was imported and put into use.

- Transferred to ARM (Association of Rotatioanla Moulding) membership.

- ISO9000 Quality Assurance System was certified.

- As a result of our environmental commitment, diesel fuel burners in our oven was turned into the LPG system.

- First injection machine, was included in the company machine course. Thus, the plastic spare parts and accessories of our products such as fittings, spinwelding, were began to be manufactured in our facilities.

- First injection machine, was included in the company machine course. Thus, the plastic spare parts and accessories of our products such as fittings, spinwelding, were began to be manufactured in our facilities.

- Polyurethane injection machine investment was made.

Design, manufacture and testing of Floating Scaffold, Floating Platforms and pontoons which today known all over the world with the brand Dockmarine, were performed.

Telephone booths manufacturing was carried out with US joint venture to Turkish Telecom firm for all of Turkey.

- The first year that Dockmarine brand floating scaffold and platforms were expanded abroad.

- Participation with stand took place in the first Boatshow fair in Germany Duseldorf.

- First mold export was made to France.

-We began marketing our floating scaffold and floating platforms, jetski port and boatlift products with Dockmarine brand in 40 countries.

- Reinforced tank model was developed by the generations first time in Turkey and was began to the manufacturing.

- The new facilities in Izmir Kemalpaşa were taken into use with the total area of 20.000 m2, including 11.000 m2 of indoor area.

- We have performed exports to the Rusia, France, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Italy and US.

Laboratory studies were concentrated on. Test procedures such as MFI, Density, ESC, Traction, Impact, Meat thickness, PSD were developed by the high Chemical Engineer employment.

Second Blowmolding Unit that is 125 points porizon controlled and vise in 110x150 dimensions, with a 25 liter accumulator tank, that can make gravimetric dosing, was put into use.

- Foreign Trade Department had a good knowledge of 4 different languages was founded.

- Boatlift design was made and included in manufacturing for the Dockmarine floating scaffold/platform systems product group.

- The number of mold traded was risen to nearly 2000.

- The first rotation company was established with MarPlastad in Taşkent province of Uzbekistan, and operations were began in Uzbekistan.

Aluminum ponton manufacture was began with the MarineDock brand for Marinas.

A new production center was opened in Istanbul-Tuzla, with Shuttle and Clam Shell type machines.

We sought the capital increase, and we got the company limited by share status.

- Canias-ERP project was launched.

- SlimLine series storage design was made.

Light decorative product line was created. This series which came under the Decorotive brand; consists of the Lightbox, Light stand, Lampposts, Separator, Epsilon cube, Illuminated pots and Clay pots.

-Two types of polyethylene boat were developed in lenght of 3.55 and 4.30 m. These products were came under the Rotoboat brand.

- In the periodic assessments made by the Turkish Tractor company, we took place successively in the list of the faultless suppliers as were ranked as the 1.

Our website was updated.


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